The facts about nuclear power

Why it is: Dangerous - Bad For The Environment - Unaffordable




Since the beginning of the nuclear power industry the British public has been lied to and mislead about the safety and cost of Nuclear Power.


In the early fifties we were told nuclear power would be too cheap to meter. It proved to be the costliest of all after Michael Heseltine was forced to admit to parliament that it had been lied to for decades about the true cost of Nuclear Power.


For many years British Governments denied that our nuclear power industry was supplying weapons grade plutonium to the USA - until the US let the cat out of the bag


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The Facts About Nuclear Power - Things the nuclear industry won't tell you


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The Health Effects of Nuclear Power Generation

Low level radiation emissions from Nuclear Facilities pose a real danger to the population


Carbon Emissions and the Nuclear Industry

Carbon release targets cannot be met with Nuclear Power


The True Cost of Nuclear Power

Hidden subsidies and clever accounting hide the true cost of Nuclear Power


Climate Change and its effects on Site Safety

Nuclear power stations are under threat from rising sea levels and flooding


Waste Storage and Disposal and the De-commissioning of Old Nuclear Stations

A lethal legacy for our children - there is still no known way to dispose of deadly nuclear waste


The Planning Process

Incredibly, safety and cost are not allowed to be considered in the Government's new planning legislation


Alternative Energy Sources

It is scaremongering by the nuclear industry to suggest the lights will go out without nucler. There are alternatives.



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